Map of Souls

A trip through the face of earth and humanity

The first videoart series on Avalanche

Examples of what you may find in a Soul...

You can watch your own Souls after minted on My relicary
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What is Map of Souls?

Map of Souls is an artistic project created for the curiosity of exploring the NFT digital environment and its interactivity with users, as well as the artistic experimentation that this new medium can provide, in this case, from the audiovisual point of view.
This videoart NFT serie consist of 500 Souls (NFTs video) with different memories, sensations and artistic portraits. All together form a unique narrative and sensorial experience.

Who am I?

voidofsouls I am Void of Souls, a filmmaker and visual artist very interested in new artistic media. Digital environments and the NFT provides a unique opportunity for emerging artists to find a new language and also facilitates the encounter with the help of people who want to support our art. That is why I find tremendous encouragement in the creation of Map of Souls, and I am delighted to share it with you. In addition, I find here a way to escape away from a film industry that I feel is increasingly hierarchical and closes more and more doors to people who are not born into a family or wealthy protective environment. I have been working in the film industry for several years and I experience nothing but ties and precariousness in an economy that does not respect the work and artistic formation of the people. I hope to find in this new digital world an artistic appreciation and a more personal and close treatment by the people who enjoy my work, which I share with great happiness. Also, I would love to be able to finance future projects with the profits obtained with Map of Souls.